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The New England Privateers are a group of three long-time gamers (miniatures, board, card, we play them all) who have been putting on events on the local and national level for more than a decade – Paul “Snakeman” Shoemaker, Andrew “Hacksaw” Hartland, and Craig “Lonelymonk” Caton.

Beyond organizing events at local game stores, our accomplishments include:

  • Organizing and running WARMACHINE/HORDES gaming at TempleCon every year since its first
  • Organizing and running WARMACHINE/HORDES gaming at PAX East for the past three years (including this year)
  • Running organized play WARMACHINE and HORDES events at GenCon Indy
  • Producing the highly successful New England Team Tournament for WARMACHINE and HORDES for the past 7 years
  • Running one of the very first Breast Cancer Brawl charity gaming events and doing so every year for the past 6 years
  • Developing the casual play system at TempleCon that has gone on to become Iron Arena and the new Captain’s Log system

As veteran gamers, and event organizers, we’ve got an extensive network of contacts who share our expertise, skill, and dependability who will be helping us put on the wide variety of events at CaptainCon.  We’ve got the people, the skills, and the resources to make CaptainCon one of the greatest conventions with your support.

You can visit the New England Privateers main site by following this link.

You can check out Craig’s painting and gaming blog, The Monk’s Cave, to see some really cool models.