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Board Games for Everyone!

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Update time again in the Captain’s Log.

The crew and I returned from a very fun and exhausting PAX East this past weekend to find some great news.  We have officially hit our first stretch funding goal on the Kickstarter of $10,500.  That means we now have enough resources to secure an additional room from the hotel for the weekend.

The Lincoln Room is directly across the hallway from the Taunton Ballroom and is 950 square feet of additional space.  Sam is working on sketching up the space layout for this room, but the current plan is to fill it not only with 5′ round tables and chairs for people to use for board games, card games, role playing games, and party games but also to house a game lending library in this room.  We’ll have more details on that as we get closer to go time.  For now, just know that we’ve added on a bunch more space for gaming and many more gaming options.

 Update to the update on 6/23/14:  after much juggling we’ve finally got the space set up for the optimal configuration.  The Lincoln Room is now officially the CaptainCon vendor room as all our great partners will be in this room.  This makes it easier for vendor setup and allows us to section off one quarter of the main ballroom for the board game library and tables to play board and card games.  Here’s the quick floorplan of all your gaming space:

floorplan final

Click to view full size

Speaking of more gaming, we made a lot of connections at PAX this past weekend that we expect will pay off in making CaptainCon bigger and better with more games and more people to play them with.  But, we also had a lot of fun ourselves.  In addition to running three WM/H tournaments and two 40K tournaments, we got to see a lot of the show and do a bit of shopping.  While there I picked up this new game:

Dread Curse

Dread Curse is a “push your luck” and bluffing game from one of my favorite game publishers – Smirk & Dagger.  Basically, you compete to amass the largest horde of gold coins from the pirate’s purse but if you get the coin with the black spot on it you will lose no matter how much gold you have.  Since much of the game is blindly stealing from other players or giving gold to opponents there’s some fun gambling/bluffing aspects and the character mechanics force some interesting trade-off choices and seem to do a solid job of preventing anyone from getting an unbeatable early lead.  I can’t wait to sit down to a full game with my own copy.  Maybe at CaptainCon (if not sooner) since it fits the theme so well.

That’s all for now.  Looking forward to seeing you all at the gaming tables and thank you for continuing to spread the word about CaptainCon.

–  Paul

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