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CaptainCon 2015 took place July 17-19, 2015 in Taunton, MA.  As just a taste of all the fun, you can check out the event schedules and photos from the weekend below.


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CaptainCon 2015 Events Schedule




THANK YOU to all!

CaptainCon 2015 is officially in the books.  If you were there, you know it was an amazing fun time and if you weren’t, you’ll definitely want to mark your calendar for next year.  That’s right, we’re already planning for how to make it bigger and better next year.  Stay tuned here for updates.

In the meantime, we want to take a moment out to thank all the people who made this such a great experience:

  • The 350+ gamers who played around the clock all weekend – not only did you back us on Kickstarter to make this possible in the first place, but your attitude and approach to enjoying the weekend make it the great gaming community that it is.
  • Our vendors and sponsors – no only did these folks provide a valuable resource during the weekend (we can’t count the number of folks who found themselves short a tape measure, a token set, or a bottle of glue during the weekend) but they do a great deal to support us and the hobby so check out their links to the right and support them next time you’re looking to spend some gaming dollars.
  • The volunteers who helped us bring you a full program and keep our sanity – there was a small but dedicated crew of volunteers and game organizers who ran/judged tournaments for all the gaming systems, staffed the Captain’s Log table, minded the board game library, and generally kept everything running smoothly.
  • The artists who helped us bring it all together – CaptainCon wouldn’t have looked as good as it does without the help of these talented individuals from the videographer who filmed the Kickstarter video, to the graphic artist who designed our logos, to multi-talented individual who not only did the layout and design of the Captain’s Log but also helped us navigate the printing process for badges and such.  We also can’t forget all the folks who took photos at the convention that you can see here.
  • The manufacturers and retailers who donated prize support – Most of the items on that mountain of prizes we called the Captain’s Log table came from generous local game stores, manufacturers, or individual artists.  We can’t list them all here, but all you need to do is hit the links on the right or just check out the logo on whatever prize you won to know where it came from.  Again, they support us so we ask that, if you like what you see, support them when you shop.
  • The Holiday Inn in Taunton – These folks were a pleasure to work with and really did a lot to make the process of running the convention smooth beyond just providing some great gaming space.  It was a bit of a risk on their part when we came to them and said “we’d like to put a pack of gamers in your ballroom for 48+ hours” and they rolled with it and put out the hospitality.  For that we thank them.  If you stayed at the hotel you may get a survey from IHG, please give them some good reviews if you liked the venue.
  • Our long-suffering but understanding families – Our families put up with a lot in the planning of CaptainCon (especially as we got close to go-time) and for that we need to thank them because we’re going to do it again.

Once again, thank you everyone!

– The CaptainCon Crew (Hacksaw, Snakeman, Lonleymonk, Builder)