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February 3-5, 2017 saw the largest yet gathering of gamers for CaptainCon at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, RI.  By all accounts (including our own experiences) it was an amazingly fun time for all involved.  Thank you to all the volunteers, event organizers, vendors, and players who made the weekend a great success.  Read on and click the links below for a little taste of the action.

Thank you to Lost Hemisphere!

Once again, with the great support of numerous companies and individual gamers along with the hard work of the folks at Lost Hemisphere, the gaming community of CaptainCon 2017 raised over $4,000 for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to support cancer research, specifically $4,086.  That’s a new record for us and a goal to top next year.  Follow the link for more details and photos of the winners with their winnings while I blatantly lift the graphic from their page.

Stolen from Lost Hemisphere to recognize the achievement and sponsors. Click to visit for full details.


Thousands of Games Played

Over the weekend, hundreds of players from across North America played thousands of games and had a great social event.  If you click on the picture below, you can check out a full album of photos from the show and maybe spot yourself or a friend.

Click here to visit the full gallery of CaptainCon 2017 photos on Flickr


Congratulations to the Painting Contest Winners

This year’s painting contest was a real challenge for the judges due to all the great entries received.  Click on the photo below to see the winning pieces along with photos of all the entries.  If you entered the contest, you can also look up your entry on the score summary table to see where you placed.

Click here to see the painting contest entries and winners

Tournament Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of the tournaments that took place at CaptainCon.  We don’t nearly have all the events listed here, so if you’re an event runner and you don’t see your tournament here, please let us know so we can add it.

Guild Ball – Championship

  • First Place – Alex Staub playing The Union
  • Second Place – Brendan Neuhaus playing Alchemists
  • Third Place – Mike Klien playing Engineers

Guild Ball – Championship Qualifier Flight 1

  • First Place – Brendan Neuhaus playing Alchemists
  • Second Place – Jeff Fredickson playing Fishermen
  • Third Place – Dan Riker playing Fishermen

Guild Ball – Championship Qualifier Flight 2

  • First Place – Frank Kumitis playing Fishermen
  • Second Place – Michael Klien playing Engineers
  • Third Place – Alex Staub playing The Union

Guild Ball – Kickoff Tournament

  • First Place – Francis Kumitis playing Fishermen
  • Second Place – Jeff Fredickson playing Fishermen
  • Third Place – Ian Fite playing The Union

Guild Ball – Fast and Furious

  • First Place – Alex Staub playing Morticians
  • Second Place – Tim Nash playing Fishermen
  • Third Place – Chris Weinstein playing Butchers

Guild Ball – Brewers’ Cup

  • First Place – Yann Folange playing Brewers
  • Second Place – Russ Batten playing The Union
  • Third Place – Tim Nash playing Fishermen

Malifaux Avatar

  • First Place – Erik Lodal
  • Second Place – Arash Afghahi

Malifaux Gaining Grounds Qualifiers top 8

  • Alex Schmid – Gremlins
  • Josh Hankin – Gremlins
  • Larry Mottola – Arcanists
  • Arash Afghahi – Outcasts
  • Keith Bonneau – Ten Thunders
  • Erik Lodal – Arcanists
  • Travis Weyforth – Guild
  • Roger Yohn – Ten Thunders

WM/H Masters

  • First Place – Jake VanMeter (Legion – Fyanna2 and Rhyas/Saeryn2)
  • Second Place – Jason Belsha (Skorne – Zaal2 and Makeda 1)
  • Third Place – Greg Collinson (Circle – Cassius and Krueger2)

WM/H Team Tournament

  • First Place – Team My Couch – Marc-Andre Leblanc, Chandler Davidson, Francesco Zap
  • Second Place – Team Legion Sucks – Greg Collinson, Jeremy McClure, Scott Talarico
  • Third Place – Team Redline Alpha – Andrew Briggs, Greg Harrison, Tim Grant

WM/H Standard Issue

  • First Place Flight 1 – Steven King
  • First Place Flight 2 – Francesco Zap
  • First Place Flight 3 – Jacob Tyrell
  • First Place Flight 4 – Jake Vanmeter
  • Second Place Flight 1 – Derek Anderson
  • Second Place Flight 2 – Stephen Rabideau
  • Second Place Flight 3 – Aaron Alexander
  • Second Place Flight 4 – Charels Song
  • Third Place Flight 1 – Erik Mack Davis
  • Third Place Flight 2 – Anthony Gibbs
  • Third Place Flight 3 – Michael Klinger
  • Third Place Flight 4 – Jamie Desmoine

WM/H Midnight Specialists

  • First Place Flight 1 – Jamie Desmoine
  • First Place Flight 2 – Charles Soong
  • First Place Flight 3 – Michael Ireland
  • Second Place Flight 1 – Anthony Gibbs
  • Second Place Flight 2 – Greg Coccinson
  • Second Place Flight 3 – Zack Keller-Coffey
  • Third Place Flight 1 – Megan Martin
  • Third Place Flight 2 – Derek McConnell
  • Third Place Flight 3 – Diego Martin

Events Schedule


RPG Friday FINAL2RPG Saturday FINAL2RPG Sunday FINAL2demo-friday-finaldemo-saturday-finaldemo-sunday-final