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Dark Age Beginner 500pt Tournament

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Open Spaces Remaining: 4

Date(s) - 02/02/2018
Times - 15:30 - 20:00

Friday 3:30pm registration dice roll at 4pm

Dark Age beginner-friendly 2017 March to Immortality 500 point tournament.

This three round, beginner friendly tournament is designed to allow players totally new to the game a chance to get some play experience against other new players.  Players can bring whatever army they choose, however, the event is designed to be compatible with the 500 point faction starter armies.  Grab that new army you just purchased or the old one sitting in your closet and get some Dark Age in!

The 2017 March to Immortality event rules can be found online here:

Please contact Owen at with any questions you have regarding this event.



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