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Guild Ball Homelands Cup

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Open Spaces Remaining: 11

Date(s) - 02/03/2018
Times - 10:00 - 19:00

  • Saturday 10am registration, 11am start
  • 45-minute player clock, 110-minute hard cap game times
  • Top 2 players qualify for the CaptainCon Cup Championship on Sunday

A change of pace in Guild Ball organized play, come out and show some civic pride with the regional teams of the free cities. This event will use the Homelands Cup format detailed in the Mob Association Football document. Each Player chooses a nation and brings a roster of 1 [Captain], 1 [Mascot], and 4 Team Member models, all belonging to that nationality. These 6 models form the Player’s roster for each game. All friendly models are considered friendly guild models. Model nationalities are listed on cards and the tournament organizers will have model lists by nationality available. Players should expect a maximum of 5 rounds of play. As a cross guild format, players are asked to make their best effort to have the appropriate models available to use in play, but paper dolls may also be used as needed.


Registration is closed for this event.


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