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Guild Ball Snake Draft

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Open Spaces Remaining: 11

Date(s) - 02/02/2018
Times - 18:00 - 23:30

Friday; 6pm player registration, games start at 7pm

Guild Ball Draft Night. Make your guild ball dream team come true. Players take turns in an assigned order to pick a model from any guild to play on their team. By the end of the draft each player will have 1 captain, 1 mascot and 4 players. All models count as friendly guild. If a blacksmith master is picked, it is immediately declared as captain or player. No restrictions on veterans, so a team can have both Spigots.

Snake draft: Players will assigned an number. Player 1 will pick 1 model followed by 2 and so on. Player 16 will select 2 players then player 15 will select 1 going back up to player 1. Player 1 will pick 2 models and then player 2 will pick 1. And it will continuous this until everything everyone has 6 models.

Standard guild ball rules 45 minutes player timer each, 110 round timer. All available models will be available to play with. Players just need dice, widgets and influence tokens and a way to track momentum. All models and tokens will be supplied.


Registration is closed for this event.


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