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Malifaux – The Quick and the Fated

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Open Spaces Remaining: 12

Date(s) - 02/02/2018
Times - 16:00 - 20:00

In order to take part in the tournament, the character must have a projectile attack.  The Governor despises sissies who only fight with melee attacks.  Tara is not allowed!!!

No upgrades are allowed. Maximum Control Hand is three cards. Starting Cache is halved. If the model has the Use Soulstone ability, she may use soulstones if she first flips a 5+. This represents Guild snipers watching the participants, and shooting the soulstones from their hand (if they fail the flip). The Governor hates cheaters…

The two participants will set up 6” apart and within line of sight of each other.  They will then flip for initiative.

In the first round, each model only has one action, which MUST be used to fire their projectile attack.

This attack can NOT declare any triggers.

After the first round models regain all of their actions, with the following exceptions:

The players will alternate actions.

Play continues until one of the models has been reduced to fewer than two wounds.

The final round is to the death!!!

The Governor’s Division for Masters, Henchmen and Enforcers.

Can models like the Doppelganger cheat for initiative?  —  Yes

Can you use soulstones to try and win initiative?  —  If you first flip a 5+


Registration is closed for this event.


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