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Relic Knights – Privateer’s Pulsar Tournament

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Open Spaces Remaining: 8

Date(s) - 02/04/2018
Times - 10:00 - 16:00

  • Sunday, February 4, 2018
  • Registration at 10am, games start at 11am

The Last Galaxy calls out for Heros again! Welcome to the world of Relic Knights! Relic Knights is an anime themed tabletop strategy game featuring colorful characters and fast and explosive action. Will you champion the Radiant forces and attempt to stop oncoming calamity or will you side with the forces of the void and herald it’s coming? This event is a multi round tournament where you will bring a two 50 point lists for your factions of choice and face off under the light of the Privateer’s Pulsar, which will have a special effect on each round of the tournament. Players of all experience levels are welcome!

Ruleset will either be the 1.5 rule set or the 2.0 ruleset depending on if 2.0 is ready or not. Players can contact the organizer at simon-at-thecheesemustflow-dot-com for additional details. Prize support will be requested from Ninja Division and is often generous.


Registration is closed for this event.


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