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Rogue Trader RPG – Freebootaz!

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Open Spaces Remaining: 0

Date(s) - 02/02/2018
Times - 12:00 - 17:00

Player check-in at noon, game starts at 12:20pm 
Rogue Trader 40k (FFG RPG)
Description: The Kroozer Gork’s Skullkrusha has set on it’s final run to take over the mining facility X-02-719D from the humans currently on it. Defenses are still active, though battered. Kaptin Daggatoof wants you to take this place in one piece, as it is a promethium storage station, after all. First one to control the bridge is promised the best gear, and to not be sent out an airlock.
D10 percentile system, runs only on D-10s. Warhammer 40K knowledge of Orks will help with roleplaying, as the crew is all Orks, but not necessary. Characters are provided as well as dice to use and miniatures. Have fun with it!


This event is fully booked.


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