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WM/H New England Team Tournament

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Date(s) - 02/03/2018
Times - 09:00 - 23:00

The New England Team Tournament is the premier WARMACHINE/HORDES team event of the northeast.  Gather your team of three to compete for glory, fame, and a place in the Masters tournament on Sunday.

Only the team Captain needs to register the group for the event, so please coordinate with your team members so that you don’t double-book and clog up spaces for other teams.


  • Saturday 9am registration begins, dice roll at 10am
  • Steamroller 2017
  • 75 point lists, 2 lists
  • Players compete as teams of 3 – Captain, 1st Lieutenant, and 2nd Lieutenant.  Pairings are made between teams each round based on team win/loss record. Each round, the captains will play each other, 1st lieutenants will play each other, and 2nd lieutenants will play each other.  The team that wins 2 or more of its games that round scores a win.
  • team feat (can be used once during the tournament) – each round, before games start, team captains roll off.  Losing Captain declares first if he/she is using or not using the team feat.  If using the feat, he/she can swap the pairings of two of his/her team members that round.  For example 1st Lieutenant plays the 2nd Lieutenant and the 2nd Lieutenant plays the other team’s 1st Lieutenant.  After the losing Captain’s use of the feat is resolved, the winning Captain may decide to use his/her feat.

All members of the top two teams and the Captain and 1st Lieutenant of the third place team qualify for Masters on Sunday.



This event is fully booked.


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