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The Great Malifaux Pig Hunt

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Open Spaces Remaining: 5

Date(s) - 02/02/2018
Times - 12:00 - 16:00

“Some crazy gremlin herded his pigs into the orchard where them magic apples are growed.  Damn pigs went and ate up all them magic apples. Afore you know it everybody in Malifaux showed up and tried to catch them pigs. It was said that if you ate one you got the power of the apple in ya. We aimed to find out…”

This is a four person scenario. It uses corner deployment. Each player flips for deployment as normal. Crews may only contain the following up to 26 points:

  • 1 Master
  • 0-3 Henchmen
  • 0-3 Enforcers
  • You may recruit up to four models, including your master. You may take upgrades.
  • No summoning is allowed.

At the start of the game six pig tokens are placed with 6″ of the center of the table. Each table edge should be assigned a suit.

The pigs are moved by the GM during the Upkeep step. If a token is engaged by a model it does not move at this time.  GM flips a card, token moves toward the table edge corresponding to the suit flipped.  The token moves a number of inches equal to the value of the card flipped.  One pig moves on to the table at the end of every turn. The person who won initiative flips a card. The pig moves on from the center of the edge indicated by the suit of the card, a number of inches indicated by the value of the card.

Models can capture a pig by taking (2) Interact while in melee range. All models gain the following Tactical Action:

(1) EAT THE PIG: A model can discard a pig token it currently carries for a [+] to attack  flips and heals 1/1/2, which may not be cheated. This action may only be taken once per turn (per model).

If a model with pig tokens is killed the tokens are placed in base contact with the model prior to removing it from the table.

The game lasts five turns. At the end of the game the player with the most pig tokens wins


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