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Warhammer 40k 50PL Team Tournament

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Open Spaces Remaining: 10

Date(s) - 02/04/2018
Times - 08:00 - 16:00

  • Sunday, February 4, 2018
  • Registration at 8am, dice roll at 10am

Close out Captaincon with some Team competition of Warhammer 40k! Bring a friend to create a team of two 50 power level armies to go against other teams in 3 Eternal War missions. All units and rules will follow up-to-date codices, indices, and FAQs. Great for experienced players and newcomers alike. 2 Detachments per army, and armies must have a different universal faction keyword from their teammate (i.e. two people cannot have Imperium across their whole army as their only faction keyword, but one could have Imperium while the other had Adeptus Astartes.)

Lists will be submitted for review by organizers prior to the start of the the convention.

  • Warhammer 40k 8th Edition
  • Current Codex, Index, and FAQ Compliant
  • Teams of two 50 Power Level Battle-Forged Armies
  • 2 Hour Rounds
  • 2 Detachments Maximum
  • 3 Rounds, Eternal War Missions
  • Standard Matched Play, Not-ITC Compliant


Registration is closed for this event.


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