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WM/H Colosseum Midnight Madness

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Open Spaces Remaining: 53

Date(s) - 02/03/2018 - 02/04/2018
Times - 23:00 - 07:00

  • Saturday 11pm registration, midnight dice roll.
  • 25 points, one list, one Warcaster/Warlock and his/her Battlegroup models only, no Gargantuans or Colossals.
  • Each faction will have support pieces listed which they can take in addition to their Battlegroup.
  • Round timers: 5 minute timed turns with one 2 minute extension.
  • Each player will be assigned to a POD. Each Pod will contain 4 players.

This is a multiplayer event in which it is a no holds barred free for all fight to the finish! Players will draw a random deployment zone and the play will go clockwise from deployment zone 1. Last man standing is the winner!

Deployment: Each player will have a 12″x12″ zone in which to deploy. They cannot make attacks or be attacked while in the zone and must exit on the first turn.

There will be drop zones in the middle of the table in which supplies (buffs) are dropped in and deviated in a random direction. These buffs are heals, stat/spell buffs that can be used on a single model in your Battlegroup if you walk over it. You can only hold one at a time.

The winner of each pod will move to the next round,being assigned to a new Pod of 4. This will continue until there is one pod of 4 left. That pod will play to determine the Colosseum winner!

The list of Support Solos allowed to be taken:

  • Cygnar: Field Mechanics, Squire, Strangeways
  • Menoth: Vassal Mechanic, Vassal Solo, Choir
  • Khador: Battle Mechanics, War Dog, Sylys
  • Cryx: Skarlock, Machine Wraiths, Necrotech, war witch sirens
  • Retribution: Sylsy, Arcanists
  • Convergence: optifex directives, corollary, Algorithmic DO
  • Mercs: Sylys, (ask for more info if we have a merc player)
  • Trollbloods: Kriel stones, Rune Bearer, Whelps
  • Circle: Druid Wilder, Stones, Black Clad Wayfarer
  • Legion: Shepherds, Forsaken, Succubus
  • Skorne: Beast Handlers, Marketh, Will Breaker
  • Minions: Targ(ask for details)
  • Grymkin: Lady Karianna Rose, Gremlin Swarms, Glimmer Imps


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