How did we come to this?

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How did we come to this?

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OK, things look a little bare around here right now, but the stage is just as empty before great actors step into the spotlights and the cargo hold is just as bare when the ship’s waiting in port to be loaded.  We’ve got some very cool things planned for this summer and we expect to be updating this site quite a lot in the near future.

But first, a little bit about how we got to this point.  Six years ago, Andrew ‘Hacksaw’ and I (I’m Paul aka ‘Snakeman’ in case you were wondering) started a little WM/H tournament with some friends of ours in New Hampshire called the New England Team Tournament (NETT).  The idea was simple enough – teams of players from game stores and clubs across the area competed with the top team taking home the trophy for a year before having to defend it again at the next NETT.  Well, that idea proved popular and soon there were not only other team tournaments around the country, but we even had some crazy guys from New Jersey coming up to play in the NETT.

Fast forward to summer 2013.  That year’s tournament was the largest yet – 48 players representing 16 teams of three from across the region.  It was so large in fact that we needed to expand from the small hotel conference room we had used the previous year to a portion of the grand ballroom of a much larger hotel.  The 14-foot ceilings and extra space gave us a comfortable game and some big ideas.  We knew we’d have to go bigger the next year to meet demand.

Only problem is, going bigger means getting the whole ballroom and no one can really afford that for a single tournament.  Thus, the start of CaptainCon was born.  If we’re going to get a whole ballroom and we need more people to cover the costs, might as well really turn it into a party and invite lots of gamers.  Well, something that big needs more set-up and take-down time and before we knew it, we were looking at a 3-day weekend of gaming and an actual honest-to-goodness convention.

So where are we now?  Well, we’ve got a hotel picked out (more on that to come soon) and we’re putting the finishing touches on a Kickstarter campaign to fund the whole thing.  We look at it this way, Kickstarter takes a cut of the money collected but provides protection for both us and our backers.  If we don’t have critical mass of interest, we’ll know before we drop thousands of dollars on a hotel room that we can’t get back and those that were interested will not have to worry about refunds.  On the plus side, we’ve got a commitment from the hotel to make more space available if we need it, so Kickstarter lets us know early on how much space we’ll need and we can gauge interest to plan events properly.  In short, we’re going to make CaptainCon 2014 and NETT 2014 exactly what people want thanks to the feedback mechanism of Kickstarter.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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