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CaptainCon features our Expedition Demo Zone in the main hallway linking the board game ballroom, convention registration desk, miniatures hall, and vendor hall.  The 5′ round tables here are perfect for you to set up a board game, card game, miniatures game, or similar to show off to the hundreds of convention attendees.  Several games early in development have done significant pre-Kickstarter promotion and playtesting in our Demo Zone.  We even help bring players to you by including your demo session in our Captain’s Log system – everyone who participates in your demo gets a point in the Log that can be turned in for prizes.

What does all this cost you?  Not much actually.  There are two options for a demo runner after we’ve accepted your demo session to add to the program:

  1. Just buy a standard 3-day badge to the convention
  2. If you donate 2 or more copies of your game to the convention (for our prize pool and/or game library) we’ll comp your badge to the show

Just fill out the form below to let us know about your demo and thank you for supporting CaptainCon.

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