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Logistical Update – the factories are running

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We’re almost at the end of June so it’s time for a quick update.  The CaptainCon crew have been very busy these past few weeks since the Kickstarter closed.  The order for the CaptainCon patches and coins was sent to the factory today and the t-shirt order will go out later this week.  Next week we’ll be sending the badge list off to the printer and putting the finishing touches on the program/Captain’s Log.

However, the first item on the agenda was to make sure we had enough table surface for everyone to game on so it was off to Home Depot we went.  We loaded our carts full of paint and foam boards (we emptied one Home Depot and had to go to another for the rest) and Sam set to work in his mad scientist workshop of terrain building.  They’re not done yet, but here’s progress so far:










These tables are sanded and drybrushed on one side to work for WM, 40K, Infinity, Malifaux, and similar games and have been painted flat black on the other side so that they can be easily reversed for X-wing tables.

Next up, we had to see to the t-shirts.  The final counts are in and the order goes off to the vendor this week, so here’s a sneak peek at an early mock-up of the back of the shirt:

shirt final








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