Looking for your feedback for CaptainCon 2015

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Looking for your feedback for CaptainCon 2015

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As we gear up for CaptainCon 2015 we’re making a number of modifications to the convention based on your feedback from last year and input now.  One of the most difficult for us is deciding what to produce for convention products.  Lots of people like to bring back a souvenir of the convention of some sort, but everyone is different when it comes to what they like and what they’re willing to pay for.

On our end, we use sales of such things to help us cover the costs of running the convention.  But, we don’t have an unlimited budget and most of these things are made at places with 100-piece minimum orders.  So, we don’t want to make a bunch of stuff people don’t want and we would like to avoid the convention desk looking like a junk shop.  To do that, we have to limit what we make each year.

We need your input to help us decide what to have produced.  Please take a moment to answer our 3-question survey to tell us which products you like and would buy.  We’ll use this to figure out the top items to produce for this year’s convention and Kickstarter.

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