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Post CaptainCon 2016 wrap-up

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Thank you everyone for coming out and making CaptainCon 2016 a big success!  We here in the CaptainCon Crew were a bit nervous about switching dates and locations on such short notice, but we were overjoyed to see the response.

CaptainCon 2016 is truly in the books now.  All the terrain and equipment is back in storage, all the paperwork has been filed with the state of Rhode Island, we’ve had our “wrap up and pay them” meeting with the hotel, the web site’s been updated, and now it’s time to relax….

NO, not really!  Now it’s time to start planning for next year.  I’m just beginning to sort through the mountain of notes I took during the weekend about ways we can improve for next year, but we’ve already covered the first of those improvements – more space.  We’ve contracted with the hotel to add even more gaming room next year in the form of the Rotunda and the Tiverton Room.  That’s an additional 4,300 square feet of gaming space which should give everyone a bit more elbow room.

hotel capture

We’re not done there though.  In addition to all the other tweaks, stay tuned for a survey coming soon to ask you, the players, about what you’d like to see at CaptainCon 2017.   In the meantime, if you’re attending PAX East this year, stop by the gaming area to say hello as we’ll be there running organized play and demos of Privateer Press games all weekend.

See you at the gaming tables

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