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Sizing up the Competition

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IMG00200-20110602-2205As I write this, we’re basically 24 days away from the start of CaptainCon and all the great gaming that involves.  One of the cornerstones of CaptainCon is the New England Team Tournament.  On Saturday the 26th of July, 24 teams of from Vermont to New Jersey and all points in between will battle it out on the WARMACHINE/HORDES tabletop to see who will walk away with the trophy for another year.

In interest of letting folks know who the competition is (and starting some friendly trash talk on forums) I present to you the list of competitors for this years NETT:

Team Name



NJ SOBs NJ Chris Weinstein, Rob Cogliandro, Henry VanBlake
Southern Ontario NY Tim “the Enchanter” Banky, Chris Orr, Dustin McWhirter
Regular Team MA Andrew Gabrielson, Matthew Jandreau, Greg Harrison, Haley Collentro
Team Counter Slam NY Dan Schwencke, Matthew Brier, Dan Guarnaccia
Ze Frenchies VT Mickel Richer, Philippe Daigneault, Andre Gaumond, Alexandre Leprohon, Philippe Poupart, Vincent Labrie
A King, a Doc, and a CoC – sponsored by Game King RI Matthew R Velez, Derek C. McConnell, Nicholas Richert
A Swan of Dice and Fire MA Patrick Clapp, Jeff Cardin, Chris Rando
Cobra Kai Alpha Team MA Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3
Cobra Kai Bravo Team MA Bravo 1, Bravo 2, Bravo 3
The Corpse Tokens CT Colebrook, Benny, Kraftwerk
Team Arvard Ardboyz MA Luis Rivero, James Kent, Fred Janney
The Fighting Mongooses NH Blake, The Fighting Mongooses 2, The Fighting Mongooses 3
The Granite State Irregulars NH Greg Fournier, Mike St.Jean, David Syas
Long Island Sea Dogs NY Sameer Patel, Jason Belsha, Richard Scott Shore
Rated PG MA Nathan Chomsky-Higgins, Allan Knowles, Trevor Attridge
Feat Fetish MA Zosia, Brendy Bear, Alex Straub
D-Sixers Gaming Club CT Eric Blatchley, Will Boutwell, Andrew Tan
Dark Omen 1 NY Anthony, Alex, MattK
Dark Omen 2 CT Dark Omen#1, Dark Omen#2, Dark Omen#3
Dark Omen 3 CT Shane York, Stephen Sharnick, Stuart Gorman
Take ‘er South! MA Andrew Briggs, Josh Bryant, Tim Grant
Team Awesome MA Lycane, Gentlesamurai, Green Viking
Retribution MA Tavis, Chris, Shorty
Team Temple Games RI Jeff Wow, Derek, Dan



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