Spotlight: The Captain’s Log and the Free Port

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Spotlight: The Captain’s Log and the Free Port

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One of the signature features of CaptainCon 2014 will be the Free Port open play area sponsored by our partners at Games & Gears.  No, we’re not the first people in the world to think of having some open table space to play games nor are we delusional enough to think that.  But, we are the first to take the concept to the next level.

When you register at CaptainCon you’ll receive a Captain’s log.  This is both a physical record of your convention experience (part program, part notes) and an entry in our player database.

During the convention, whenever you take part in an activity you have a chance of earning an achievement.  We’ll have these posted up for everyone to see so you have some goals to work for.  What are some examples of achievements?  Well, they could including painting a model at the Games & Gears Hobby Center, playing in a tournament all the way to the end, playing a game of Cards Against Humanity with people you don’t know, playing a pickup game of Infinity with a friend, or taking part in a demo of a new game.

When you do one of these achievements, you can come up to our Captain’s Log administration table to report it. Some events will give you a mark in your paper Captain’s Log to show us while others, like playing a game with friends, will require that all of you come to report together. We’ll enter it into the database and credit your account there with points.

At any time during the convention you can come up to the Treasure Chest (that will be the table with the massive pile of prizes on it) and “spend” some or all of the points in your account to get stuff from the prize pool just like the old style arcades only better.

In short, almost everything you do at CaptainCon will be worth points that result in you walking out of the convention with prizes and free stuff. Obviously, surviving a 10-hour massive tournament is worth more points than just playing a single game of Super Dungeon Explorer, but it all adds up. We’ve run this type of event successfully at TempleCon for the last few years and seen players walk away with framed color art prints or $100 box sets just based on playing pickup games.

Hope this whets your appetite for CaptainCon and all the fun to come this summer.


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