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The Lucky Coin

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Presenting the concept art for this year’s CaptainCon Challenge Coin:

coin design draft

As I mentioned in a previous update, the challenge coin has its roots in military tradition where its current common use is at the bar.  One person will produce his/her coin and thus challenge the other service members present to present their own coins.  The person who cannot, buys the next round.

I encourage you all to take part in the CaptainCon variation of this tradition – The Lucky Coin.  Here’s how it works:

  • Both/all players in a pickup/casual game at CaptainCon must have agreed at the start of the game to use The Lucky Coin.
  • A player may present his/her coin only once during the game either initially or in response to another player using his/her coin.
  • A player may present his/her coin to immediately re-roll a dice roll, re-flip a card, etc. with the result of the new flip/roll standing.  OR, a player may present his/her coin in response to another player to prevent that player from re-rolling/flipping.
  • If both players produce coins – one to re-roll and one to oppose, the winner is determined this way:
    • Coins with a date on them outrank undated coins
    • CaptainCon coins outrank dated challenge coins from other conventions/sources regardless of date
    • In the case of two dated coins, the older coin outranks the younger
    • In the case of two dated coins for the same date, if they are sequentially numbered, the lowest number coin wins.  If unnumbered, the players will have to play rock/paper/scissors to see who wins
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