We’ve got a Bigger Boat

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We’ve got a Bigger Boat

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We’ve been quiet around here lately, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy.  More updates will be coming soon, but for now we want to share a map.

Overall layout

That’s the preliminary layout for CaptainCon 2017.  You’ll note a number of cool changes.

First of all, we added more space with the Rotunda and the Tiverton Room.  That’s just under 4,300 more square feet of gaming space.  We’ve tentatively dedicated the Tiverton Room to all things role playing.  That should give all the gamemasters and players out there more tables and distance from the noise of the miniatures hall.  The Rotunda will be dedicated to the Board Game Library so that we’ll have more tables for board games as well as additional table space for miniatures casual play.

The second big change is to our vendor hall.  We’ve condensed the space a little to allow more room in the miniatures game hall for more tables and we’re opening the air wall to the vendor room to allow better flow through during the day.

This massive increase in gaming space will give everyone more options and more room to play games with friends all weekend.  We can’t wait to see everyone there in February.  Keep your eyes open for ticket to go on sale soon.

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