What is the Captain’s Log?

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What is the Captain’s Log?

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The CaptainCon crew are hard at work lining up the schedule of events and getting ready for registration to open in a couple weeks, but I thought I’d take some time out to answer a question that comes up frequently from new attendees:

What is this Captain’s Log thing?

Simply put, Captain’s Log is a way to reward everyone for participating in CaptainCon, not just people who win tournaments.  Think of it like the 80s arcades or Chuck E Cheese where playing games earned you tickets that you could spend on prizes.  That’s what we’re doing, only better.

By purchasing a CaptainCon badge online in advance, you’re already registered in the system.  If you buy a badge at the door, you’ll have to stop by the Captain’s Log registration table (that will be the table against the wall with a couple of volunteers sitting at computers in front of a wall of products) to sign in.  We take your name and home state/country and you’re all set.

Next, just play games.  If you play in a tournament or organized event (board game, RPG, miniatures, etc.) to the end (win or lose) you’ll get a stamp in you convention program book from the organizer.  Take that over to the Captain’s Log table and they’ll record your points in the computer.

Play some casual pickup games on open tables and, when you’re done, make sure you and everyone you played with comes to the Captain’s Log table to have points recorded for playing a game.

Shop with our vendors ($10 purchase or more) and they’ll stamp your program book which you can to the Captain’s Log to record more points.

We take care of all the bookkeeping and you can check your points any time you want.  Also at any time, you can spend your points on prizes at the Captain’s Log table.  Each prize has a different points cost so a set of dice might just be a few points while a massive boxed game might be as much as 50 or more points.

All year, we pester vendors, game companies, and other contacts to donate products to our Captain’s Log Prize Pool.  By the time the convention starts, we’ve usually got a shelving unit full of stuff.  And all you have to do to claim your part is participate in the convention.

The full points list and such will be printed and posted at the convention and in the program for easy reference during the show.

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