CaptainCon 2021 Cancelled

There’s no easy way to deliver bad news so we’re just going to come out and say it.  After much discussion, the team has decided to cancel CaptainCon 2021 due to the health and financial risks of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  We expect to make good use of the extra time to plan for 2022 and will be back in full force for February 4-6, 2022 with a bigger and better convention.

We know this comes as a disappointment to many, not least of all us.  We look forward to that weekend every February, and it will be difficult not having that awesome gathering of games, socializing, costumes, and general exhausting fun that you all share with us.  However, we are not willing to risk the health of our extended gamer family nor the finances that allow us to hold the show each year.  Since we continue to believe in transparent communication, please read below to better understand what went into this difficult decision  – but before you do, we want to share a few resources to keep you engaged until CaptainCon 2022:

  • CaptainCon Discord Server – We’ve set up a Discord server so you can stay in touch with us and with your friends from CaptainCon until we can meet again in person. Use it for general chat, planning for CaptainCon 2022, or pair one of our voice channels with Tabletop Simulator to get in a game or six with friends for a mini virtual convention.  Join us here:
  • CaptainCon Website – We’ll be updating the website with information about CaptainCon 2022 including sign-ups for event runners, contests, and vendors. Stay tuned:
  • Follow us on Twitter –
  • Follow us on Instagram –
  • Follow our Facebook page –

OK, as promised here are the reasons why we chose to cancel; first, and foremost, is health.  COVID-19 is a serious illness that is killing people in vast numbers across the United States and around the world.  There’s no guarantee of a widespread vaccine or effective treatment before 2021 – many experts are predicting Spring 2021, after CaptainCon, as a possible early timeframe.  There is a very good chance that even if distancing and masks gets this under control by then, that there will be a resurgence this Winter.  With that in mind, we have no desire to put our CaptainCon friends at risk by holding a large gathering until there’s more certainty that it will be safe for everyone.

“But why don’t you wait and see what happens?  Why cancel now?” we hear you ask.  Valid questions that get to the second reason we had to cancel – finances and logistics.  Simply put, the terms of our contact with the hotel include cancellation penalties that start to kick in shortly, and ramp up steeply as we get closer to the convention dates.  If we wait and see until we get closer to the convention and then make the call to cancel, we as a convention are on the hook for guarantees to the hotel that would break us and prevent future conventions.  The only way that wouldn’t happen is if there’s another declared state of emergency. We couldn’t afford to take that risk. Also, we don’t want to see people planning to come to the show making non-refundable travel plans when we feel there’s a strong chance we would need to cancel.  We even looked into event cancellation insurance and found the same issue – it only kicks in if there’s a declared emergency or similar “act of god”. Based on this research, and the uncertainty of a declared emergency as a financial safety valve if conditions do not improve, we don’t believe it would be safe or wise to commit to running a convention this year.

“Why not do something smaller so people can social distance?”  We’re glad you asked; we ran the numbers on that too.  With the space we have available, spreading out to allow 6’ of distancing during gaming would cut our max capacity to about a third of what we had last year.  While that might  be fun for those who could come, if we could hold it at all, it would mean a lot of people couldn’t attend (even if they were willing to do so), vendors likely wouldn’t have found it worth the cost to attend, and we wouldn’t have been able to cover our costs to hold the show unless we cranked up the badge prices by more than double.  We doubted many people would want to risk a dangerous disease to pay over $120 to attend a convention 1/3 the size and with no vendors.

All things considered, we decided to cancel in order to protect the health of our attendees and their families, as well as our ability to hold future CaptainCon events.  We are saddened that this is the case, but it makes us even more eager to see everyone and get a game in in 2022.

  — TheCaptainCon Crew

                Paul, Craig, Cory, Andrew

CaptainCon is 3 days of around-the-clock social gaming.  Your CaptainCon membership badge is your all-access pass to:

  • Board game organized sessions and tournaments
  • Miniatures tournaments and narrative events
  • Role playing game sessions
  • Board game library including play-to-win titles
  • Painting contest
  • Cosplay contest
  • Casual play space
  • Shopping with vendors
  • and much more….



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