COVID-19 Policies

COVID-19 is serious business.  Because of the pandemic, last summer we announced the cancellation of CaptainCon 2021.  For 2022, we’re optimistic given the rising vaccination rates and dropping infection rates in New England and around the country.  However, we take the concern no less seriously and have put a number of precautions and plans in place just in case.

Flexibility:  The CaptainCon Crew will continue to keep our eyes on current federal and state COVID statistics, recommendations, and requirements.  We will be prepared to modify how we run the show should things change.

Vaccinations:  The best thing anyone can do to help protect themselves and their community from COVID-19 is to get vaccinated.  We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE everyone who is medically able, whether you’re attending CaptainCon or not, to get vaccinated as soon as you can.  However, due to the logistical and legal considerations, we WILL NOT be requiring proof of vaccination status to attend CaptainCon.

Masks:  As of the writing of this page, current CDC and state guidelines strongly encourage all persons who are not vaccinated to wear a masks while indoors with others who are not in their household.  CaptainCon follows this same advice.  We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE anyone who should or wants to, to wear a mask while at show.  However, we do NOT require attendees to wear a mask nor will we enforce a mask mandate unless conditions and public health requirements change. 

Distance:  After vaccinations and mask use, physical distancing is the next best way to reduce transmission of COVID and similar illnesses.  We’re committed to the social nature of tabletop games, but we’re also committed to giving your more elbow room.  Thus, we’ve made a significant investment in adding 4,000 more square feet of convention space to CaptainCon 2022 compared to 2020.  We’re adding 4 new rooms and dividing an existing room to give more flexibility, more space between rows in the Grand Ballroom, and put fewer people in each room overall.  This also means more room for more events and more open space for casual play tables.

If you are Sick:  This should go without saying, but we have to say it.  If you get sick right before the convention, stay home.  If you get sick while at the convention, go home.  Seriously, don’t be at CaptainCon if you’re sick.  It’s been a long, difficult 14 months and counting and we don’t want to risk a mass spreader event at CaptainCon.  Even if it’s just an ordinary cold, you should be home taking care of yourself and not getting your friends sick – there will be another show next year and we want you healthy for all the fun.


Last Update:  6/28/2021

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